Terms of Sales

Article 1: OFFERS
The offers of TEKNO-LAM S.A., always agree subject to and without commitment on its part as for the availability of the material and the evolution of the prices.
These can be modified until the conclusion of the contract between parties.

Article 2: ORDERS
2.1. The "firm order" made by the buyer is perfect only after acceptance by TEKNO-LAM S.A. It is during this acceptance that the contract between parties is concluded. The order is irrevocable for the buyer and can in no way be canceled by him, even before acceptance by TEKNO-LAM S.A.
2.2. The buyer will pay at the time of the order, 30% of the total price thereof.
2.3. Storage costs:
In case of non-removal of the order within 3 months, monthly storage fees will be charged to the customer. The amount of these fees will be established as follows:
Order value ≤ 500 €: 120 € / month;
Order value > € 501 ≤ € 1500: € 250 / month;
Order value > 1501 €: 400 € / month.
In addition, an invoice of 40% of the value of the order will be issued.

Article 3: DELIVERY
3.1. Delivery time:
Delivery times are given by TEKNO-LAM S.A. as an indication. They are not mandatory and their non-compliance does not give rise to any right to compensation or termination of the order. The buyer is obliged to accept that his order is delivered in several expeditions.
3.2. Delivery:
The transportation of the goods is the responsibility of the customer. Shipping costs are borne by the customer.
3.3. Refusal of delivery:
In the event of refusal of the delivery of the object of his order or of non-execution of this one by the fault of the purchaser, the latter will be held to pay to TEKNO-LAM SA, an indemnity equivalent to 40% of the price market as a lump sum and irreducible resolution (amicable or judicial). This compensation may however be greater than 40% if the damage actually suffered by TEKNO-LAM S.A. is greater than this amount.

Article 4: PRICE
TEKNO-LAM S.A. prices are for goods, taken at TEKNO-LAM S.A. stores, transport costs, taxes and insurance not included.

Article 5: PAYMENT
5.1. Invoices are payable in cash.
5.2. The delivery of drafts, bills of exchange or the acceptance of partial payments does not operate novation.
5.3. In the case of partial payments or by installments, the non-payment on one of the due dates automatically renders the existing balance for the operations in progress between the same parties.
5.4. Any amount not paid on its due date bears default interest of right and without prior notice at the rate of 1% per month.
5.5. In addition, in the event of non-payment on the due date, the invoices are automatically increased by a lump-sum indemnity of 15% as conventional damages with a minimum of 75 € and regardless of late-payment interest.

Article 6: PROPERTY
The goods sold remain the property of TEKNO-LAM S.A. until full payment by the buyer.
The buyer also undertakes not to dispose of the merchandise as long as it has not been fully paid.
TEKNO-LAM S.A. may at any time repossess unpaid goods.

Article 7: DISPUTES
Any dispute relating to the sale must be addressed, duly motivated to TEKNO-LAM S.A., in writing and recommended, within eight days of the delivery of the goods.
No return of merchandise is accepted without prior agreement of TEKNO-LAM S.A.

TEKNO-LAM S.A. warrants the goods against defects in construction and materials for one year from delivery.
In the event of a recognized defect, TEKNO-LAM S.A. reserves the right to repair the equipment or to redo it to the exclusion of any damage and interest.
This period may, however, be reduced in the event and to the extent that the guarantee granted to TEKNO-LAM S.A. by its own supplier is less than one year.
This warranty is limited to the replacement costs of parts found to be defective by TEKNO-LAM S.A. without any other obligations.

In case of dispute regarding the interpretation of these general conditions of sale, the reference text is the one written in French.
Any dispute is subject to Belgian law.
Only the courts of Brussels are competent.