Terms of Sales

Dear Customer, We hereby remind you of our general terms and conditions of sale and mainly article # 2.3. "Storage costs".

As a production, we can not afford to keep orders from our finished customers in our stock. However, we understand that a commercial delay must be granted between the end date of production and the date of removal.

It is for this reason that if your order remains in our stock more than 3 months, we will be forced to charge you storage costs. These storage charges will be calculated as follows:

  • Order value ≤ 500€ : 120€/month ;
  • Order value > 501€ ≤ 1500€ : 250€/month ;
  • Order value > 1501 €: 400 €/month.

In addition, an invoice of 40% of the total value of the order will also be established.

In case you wish to cancel the order, please note that an invoice amounting to 40% of the total value will be issued to you. This invoice will be used to cover the different production costs.

We remain at your disposal for any further information.

The Direction