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• Manufactured in EN 1.
4509 441 stainless steel approved for food use, brushed and polished finish.
• Reinforced and soundproofed top, no sharp edges, manufactured entirely with flattened double fold.
• Top not welded, superior finish.
• Manufacture specially designed to be assembled on our assembly lines in large quantities.
• The underbody has 4 stainless steel legs with adjustable feet and PVC base studs.
• Sliding doors or swing doors, stainless steel handles built into the door.
• Rails and suspension parts all stainless steel.
• Brushed and polished finish.
REMOVABLE VENTILATED HEATING KIT (KIT2) : • Heating with electrical resistor.
• Ventilated with thermostatic regulator.
• Luminous ON/OFF button.
• Temperature indicator light.


1200X700H880/900 , 1600X700H880/900 , 2000X700H880/900

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